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Another Christmas bites the dust

So what we all know about Christmas is that it’s the day that this supernatural powered genius that was a frequent subject of discussion in a magical book called the Bible, was born. That’s pretty incredible isn’t it? A man that would now essentially classify as a magician, came into this world. Or as I like to call it, a rotting cesspool of misery, corruption and injustice. To celebrate this tremendous day we gather together and have a massive fuckoff orgy of stripper dollar spending aka wasting.

Let’s cut the bullshit and talk about what Christmas seems to really be about nowadays.

It’s not about Jesus anymore. It’s about dutifully spending money on materialistic crap that really, the majority of your extended family probably doesn’t even deserve.

Alice…is that her name? Yes. I’m certain she’s my cousins new daughter. I only see my cousin once or twice every 2 or 3 years. But I better buy a gift for her new baby. Because if I don’t, my cousin will get the shits and find it inconsiderate that you didn’t buy a gift for her new baby when everyone else in the family did.

Fairy lights, candles and your “love” for each other aren’t the only things that spark during the holidays. Statistics show that depression and suicide rates spark at an all time high over the Christmas period. Why? Perhaps it’s because of the powerful tidal wave of forced merriment, horrid social occasions and financial debt while you watch others buying new TVs could be the reason why some people would rather take their own lives.

If it wasn’t for this partially fictitious celebration, the non-fiction suicide rates wouldn’t peak.

The Christmas lights. The Christmas lights burn my eyes almost as much as straight vodka burns my chest. All the cheap plastic shit that you’re pissing your neighbours off with were probably made by poor children in Chinese slave factories. You want to know something else about your holiday decor? Most of it contains lead, contaminating your brain, slowly making you more retarded for next year’s Christmas. Merry Christmas kids, toxicity and pesticides for all!

The Christmas carols. No one fucking likes Christmas carols. Not even the people who like Christmas like Christmas carols. Yet stupid retail managers think it’s a great idea to make a festive playlist of ass numbingly long, agonisingly repetitive songs that drive you to the edge of insanity. I jump into the high suicide rates when I hear Jingle Bells ringing in my ears.

And all of this for one measly day. Say it out loud people. ONE DAY.

There are heaps of people who write blog posts like this and heaps of people who write blog posts about why Christmas is great. If people are offended by my opinions and beliefs…well news flash: I’m offended by your beliefs. So stfu gtfo.

Bah humbug for life ya’ll.



We all know what a crush is, and we all know what having a crush is like. A crush is supposed to be this amazing euphoric thing. You have something to wake up for in the morning/you look forward to seeing them/the excitement you feel when he/she texts you first…we are now approaching the worst one of all. The potential soul crushing hope that he/she might possibly like you back. Yep. We’ve all been there.

I’m 25 years old and am still crushing. I currently have a crush on someone who is completely out of my reach, not because he’s better than me, not because he’s cooler than me, not because we don’t have any chemistry and not because he doesn’t like me back. He’s out of reach because he already has a girlfriend. No wonder they call it a crush, when I heard him say “my girlfriend and I…” in a sentence to another person, I felt crushed. Completely and totally crushed. It left me feeling glum and almost ruined my entire day! Having a crush on someone doesn’t seem like a big deal, it could almost come across as school girl behaviour, but when something like that happens, it can make you feel awful and even reduce you to tears. You know what just makes it so much worse? I see him every day.

And now you have to deal with the next morning. You feel so flat and no longer have anything to look forward to. Why bother dressing up just for him? Why should I be careful with my makeup? And why the fuck should I wash my hair each night so it’s nice and shiny for him?

No more butterflies.

The bad thing about getting a crush on someone in your mid twenties is that usually at this age, they’re already taken. I mean for god’s sake, half my year from school are already married I’m just like


God give me strength



Dollskill, Meet Cutes, and Life

So I am also aware as much as you that I have absolutely not posted anything in quite a while. If you want a glamorous reason such as “I have been spreading good will across the African continent” then kindly click away now. If you want the truth, then keep reading!

To be honest, I have been tired. That is my actual excuse. Tiredness. I go to work, get asked to stay back, get the train home, walk in the door and go straight to bed. For those of you who do not work yet, cherish the spring you have in your step before employment snatches it away like a burglar with a handbag. I am surrounded by computer screens all day long and I am sorry to say, but the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit in front of a computer for a couple more hours. I’m sorry. But sleep and no social life actually took over my life. But horah! This weekend is the long weekend FINALLY.


I told you I would fill you guys in on how the Dollskill (not expensive at all) purchase went. They arrived the other week and I am in love with MOST of them! I haven’t had assistance in being able to take proper fashion photos so welcome to amateur hour.

jacket wannabes skulls jumper

Sadly yes, these are all the photos I got to take, luckily they’re of my favourite items out of the ones I had bought. The Hello Hoodlum jacket is literally the most comfortable thing and the Ripper sweater is actually really warm! And as you can also see, I’ve chucked on my Dope iPhone case. Bit bigger than I thought but I still love it. The slashed hoodie I can no longer be in denial about. I want to love it, but just don’t. I don’t dislike it, but it just doesn’t fit right and I was super hyped about getting it in the mail. But what can you do?! I still wear it.

Moving on to more interesting news…a couple of weekends ago I went out into the city to check out the Vivid Sydney festival. The whole of Sydney Harbour lights up with music and lights (obvs).

IMG_6794 IMG_6980

I was sitting on some stone steps at Milsons Point with my camera and a few guys came and sat down near me. Basically, one of them started talking to me using the line “I wish I had a camera like that”. And might I add, he had an Irish accent. Even more cute. He was 26 years old (probably still is) and really nice. And how did it end? They had to leave and now I will never see him again.

A similar incident happened last weekend when I was sent to get a blood test. Usually on a Saturday morning a lovely little Asian lady takes my blood and it’s all over in a matter of minutes. This time, I walked into the room and who should be standing there but a tall, handsome, young man studying Medical Science. We hit it off big time. He could tell I was tired and thought I was cute…we were chatting for quite a while and regrettably I think we might have held up some very patient customers in the waiting room. And how did it end? I had to leave and now I will never see him again.



Scream Queens

Okay boys and girls, I have to share something that I’m feeling a little excited about. Scream Queens. A new TV Show by Ryan Murphy being released this September with a kick ass cast. Judging by the title it suggests it’s a horror themed show, but it also suggests it’s full of girls. Which it is. So I assumed it’s got to be partially comedy. I was totally right.

It’s set in glamorous 1995 and follows a group of sorority sisters being terorised by a serial killer who I believe is out for vengeance. I spotted that some of the supporting cast members include: Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan and Carrie Underwood. None of these girls are cast as main characters (according to IMDB) so I’m going to assume they get killed off pretty damn quick. The main cast include my damn favourite girl Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michelle. I’ve never been a huge fan of Lea Michelle (I’ve never even seen one full episode of Glee STFU) but I’m pumped to see Abigail Breslin in sister solidarity biatch. It evens has Nick fucking Jonas – someone pass me my fan.


Ryan Murphy explained that the TV Show will have “countless love triangles and lots of sex”. Sounds just like Game of Thrones, but everyone wears pink. I’m already sold.

Introducing my new fav pair of sunnies

These are the pair of sunnies that I recently purchases on ASOS which I have told you all about! Check out that very post >> right here <<. Whenever I buy a new pair of sunglasses, I don’t usually fall in love with them straight away – but this pair jumped straight to the top of my list. So comfortable.

Surprise it’s my face!

FullSizeRender (12)

Oh, and please excuse my little “fuck” necklace. I only got that yesterday! I went to the Sydney Rock N’ Roll Alternative Market at Sydney Uni and saw the little baby at a cute little stall called Crafty Cruella’s Creations. I hate long necklaces because they bounce around too much when I walk so I was thrilled with the length of this one. It’s not too big and it’s not too small ;)

Take me to Crafty Cruella’s Creations’ shop!!

2015 – Good Things

good things

So, I’ve been feeling a little sad and lonely over the past week, things haven’t been going that well at work and my boss has basically made me feel like a failure :( Not only do I need food to keep my spirits up but I also need to be proactive and do something that might make me feel motivated to achieve more and feel good about myself. So I made this little jar.

Main items you will need:
  1. Glass jar – any shape or size
  2. Paint of any colour
  3. PVA Glue
  4. Embellishments of your choice!

I filled the inside with PVA glue and pink acrylic paint and turned the glass upside down so the glue and paint covered the inside completely. The obviously I waited for it to dry and stuck some simple things on the outside like a lace ribbon I found lying around the house. You can get super creative, (excluding the drying period) this took me about 10 minutes to complete.

It’s never too late to start a Good Things Jar!